Saturday, February 9, 2013


After a week off, my 6 mile run yesterday was pretty awesome. I've moved into a slow 10m/m average, but I'm telling myself that this time includes waiting at traffic lights and stops for water...not so bad, in a race I think I'd still be able to pull off 9.30. However, it doesn't look like I'm going to find out! The 10-miler next weekend would be awesome, but I feel like it might take a few days to recover, and there is no guarantee that my ligaments can comfortably handle 10miles.

I finally picked up the Medela support band - and it worked wonders yesterday. I wish I had used it earlier - I was too stubborn. I definitely feel the extra weight, and it's difficult to think of running lightly when I'm starting to feel waddly.

My run started out to be a struggle through to the bridge, but after hitting the top of the bridge it was easy sailing for the last 4 miles. I've finally managed to stop being competitve - with myself - about how fast I need to go and how many miles I'm trying to log in a week. I'm just really happy to be able to continue to commute to work on my feet whenever the weather and my body allows. I wasn't sure that it would still be an option 11 weeks away from delivery.

I read a lot of stories by women who have run up to their delivery, and then pick it back up a week later. It's inspiring, but I also can't believe how long they've persevered. I don't know how long I will bound over the Brooklyn Bridge and hit the West Side - I hope at least 6 more weeks, but I highly doubt that I will be picking it back up the week after the baby shows up.

On another note - how great are 1/2 caff lattes??

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