Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Best. Run. So. Far.

I don't have the photos to prove it, but today's run was pretty amazing. Even though I was only pulling a 9.46 on straights, it felt like a strong struggle-free run - and that is the first time I can say that in a few months.

I've been doing pilates 3 or 4 times a week, and it seems to be helping immensely. My legs were like bricks for the first mile this morning - so I figured I had done some good mat work. With the huge belly attached to my front, and a full backpack on my back - I'm like a sherpa running and dodging the streets of New York. It was especially busy downtown today and Chambers left me at a near standstill - but the west side was perfect as always. The bridge was insanely hard for the first time in several years. I'm hoping to get another run in this week while the weather is getting better and I'm still fitting into my shirts. At what point do I have to stop?

I finally figured out how to reset my Nike account - so my runs can be tracked again. I was happy to see that my time didn't really suffer in the 1.5 weeks that I couldn't track my runs. The biggest fear I have is tripping and wiping out - which I'm known to do quite regularly. Wish me luck!

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