Saturday, March 2, 2013


I took out the BOB for the first time today - I wish I had a pic! (This blog is doomed to fail if I don't start remembering to take photos...)

Oden loves being in the BOB - all wrapped up and there is a special cup holder for him and plenty of room for him to bring along a stuffed bear larger than he is, and Polarbear. We have to figure out a good route - but it was a nice short run to the park, half way around, then to the playground. We ran into Andy and Jane the Jack Russell, and did a loop together. My running partner has replaced me with a tiny white puppy...

I can't believe I didn't use a running stroller with Oden. In one sense, I made sure that my runs were hard and focussed, but I can already see how this is going to allow me more freedom and it didn't change my gait at all. If anything, it'll be an extra workout to push it uphill. I really can't imagine doing the bridges with it, but we'll have to see how that goes.

So, all in all, I probably only ran 2 miles today, but it was interesting! Eng San skateboarded along side of us and provided hot apple cider, donuts and entertainment as he rode along jumping in the air and doing some tricks. I can't wait until summer!